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Fit Yummy Mummy Review – Can This Program REALLY Help You Get Rid Of ALL Your Unwanted “Pregnancy Pounds” And Get Back Your Lean, Sexy Body That You Once Had? Find Out Here Before You Buy…

One of the most burning questions that many mothers, after just giving birth, would ask is – How to quickly lose all their “pregnancy pounds” and get back to their lean, mean, sexy state and be able to fit into their favorite clothes once again.

Losing all the “pregnancy pounds” is not THAT difficult if you know exactly how to do it… And in Holly Rigsby’s “Fit Yummy Mummy” program, you will learn one of the simplest ways to get rid of all your unwanted “pregnancy weight” that’s driving you crazy… By exercising JUST 15 minutes a day:

Fit Yummy Mummy Book

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“WHAT?!” – We know this probably is what you are saying to yourself right now. Undeniably, this was exactly how we felt when we first saw the “Fit Yummy Mummy” program.

So, does this program indeed work as promised? Find out everything you need to know in this full, unbiased review…

What Is The “Fit Yummy Mummy” Program All About?

Fit Yummy Mummy” is a 110-page guide (which you can immediately access and read on your computer upon payment) where you will discover what exactly you need to do to get rid of all your “pregnancy pounds” following your pregnancy and once again be able to fit into your favorite clothes.

This program consists of a total of 4 sections, and we shall talk briefly about each of them (so that you get a better idea as to how the program works):
Section #1: You will find, in the first section, how to get yourself mentally prepared for the dietary changes that you need to make ahead.
Section #2: One of the most important components to helping you get rid of the unwanted “pregnancy pounds” is to control your diet. Hence, you will learn in this section, a total of 4 different one-week dietary plans which you will need to go through 4 times each (meaning 16 weeks in total).

In each plan, you’ll discover 7 healthy habits that will change the way you eat (so that you’ll be able to lose maximum “pregnancy pounds” in the shortest time possible)
Section #3: Another important component in helping you lose your “pregnancy pounds” is via exercising. You will discover simple exercises (30 minutes in length and explained in videos), and you need to practice these exercises 3 times a week (minimum requirement).

There are a total of 4 levels of workouts covered in the “Fit Yummy Mummy” program – From beginner, to intermediate, and finally advanced set of workouts.
Section #4: You will find, in the last section of “Fit Yummy Mummy“, a series of templates (which you can print and jot down your progress), such as fitness journal template, menu templates, sample shopping lists, as well as an exercise library, where you will find illustrations of the various exercises which you have learned in Section #3 of this program (to refresh your memory).

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Pros And Cons Of The “Fit Yummy Mummy” Program

Now that you have a good understanding of how the “Fit Yummy Mummy” program works to help you lose your “pregnancy pounds”, we shall now take a look at some of the pros and cons of this program (accurate as of this time of writing, when we review it).

First, let us talk about some of the pros about the “Fit Yummy Mummy” program:

One aspect about this program that we particularly like is the fact that, the entire process (of helping you lose your unwanted “pregnancy pounds”) is absolutely safe, as it revolves around making dietary changes, as well as exercising. There’s no need for you to take any of those “fat loss” pills that come along with numerous side-effects.

Another aspect about this “Fit Yummy Mummy” program that we have found to be very desirable is that, on top of illustrations within the guide on how to perform the exercises required, there also are videos that demonstrate the exercises – So, for those of you who are still not clear as to how exactly to perform the exercises, you can watch the videos and follow exactly.

In terms of understanding and following-through, we find no problems with it, as everything was explained in simple, layman terms.

So much for the pros of the “Fit Yummy Mummy” program. Now, let’s talk about some of the cons (no program is all perfect, and the same goes for this one):

One particular aspect we need to let you know is that, when you first get started with the “Fit Yummy Mummy” program, you may not be used to the dietary changes that you need to follow (some of the customers have also highlighted this difficulty).

The same goes for trying to find time and incorporate the exercises (which must be carried out) into their daily routine for the next 16 weeks (approximately 4 months).

But, as long as you practice self-discipline, very soon you’ll be able to fit into these plans.

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What Are Other Customers Saying About The “Fit Yummy Mummy” Program?

Before we wrap up our review, let us take a look at what some of the customers have said about the “Fit Yummy Mummy” program, after they have bought, and tried it out for themselves…
First is a review from Jennifer Henton, from Indianapolis:

Fit Yummy Mummy Book - Review From Jennifer Henton, From Indianapolis“I am a pharmacist at one of the busiest hospitals in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am also a busy mom of a 4 month old.

It is quite a challenge to balance my career, my home life, and try to find time to work out and eat right! But it is so important for us moms to take care of our bodies…so we can feel good about ourselves and have the extra energy we need to play with our kids.

One of the biggest myths that I hear from fellow working moms is the idea that it requires hour long cardio sessions to lose fat. This is a surefire way to lower your metabolism and actually gain weight!

True fat loss and a firm, toned body can be achieved by performing workouts that use the strength of your own body weight.

The best part – these workouts can be performed right at home! Fit Yummy Mummy is the perfect solution for busy moms!”
Here’s another product review of “Fit Yummy Mummy“, submitted by another customer by the name of Melissa Gregory:

Fit Yummy Mummy Book - Review From Melissa Gregory“I am a mother of four; 7 year old son, 3 year old son and 10 month old twin
daughters; I also teach fourth grade full time. It is easy to see that time is not a luxury I have!

After having my girls my body did not go back to it’s old self and being the impatient person I am I wanted it done the day I had them.

I tried the low carb for a while, low cal diets and other fads until I found Holly’s Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System.

I saw how the program worked wonderfully for my cousin so I thought I would give it a try.

I am so glad I did!! Holly is a wonderful motivator. In 8 weeks I’ve lost 9 pounds of fat and 2 inches off my waist. I’ve even lost 1.5 inches from my hips!

It was different at first to eat every 3-4 hours but after a while it became habit and the food choices are unlimited! I encourage any busy mom to use Fit Yummy Mummy to get her body back!”
And finally, here’s another review of the “Fit Yummy Mummy” program… And this review is submitted by Lisa Reece, from Calgary, Canada, and this is what she has said:

Fit Yummy Mummy Book - Review From Lisa Reece, From Calgary, Canada“For me the two things that really sets Fit Yummy Mummy apart from other plans out there is that it is an all inclusive lifestyle plan.

It’s not a nutrition plan, it’s not a fitness plan, it’s both.

But more then that is the support group. I’ve been on several forums and they always seem to have people that make you not want to be there.

But this group being all women seems safer and friendlier then the other fitness communities. Holly’s support to each individual who asks for it is also a priceless part of everyone’s success. I have recommended this program to friends and will continue to do so because it works.”

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Our Final Verdict

What we like best about “Fit Yummy Mummy” is the fact that, the entire fat loss process is all-natural – With making changes to our dietary plans, as well as simple exercising.

No doubt that you will have to make some lifestyle changes – To fit the new dietary plans, as well as exercising, in for the next 16 weeks, but as long as you are used to the routine, then everything is going to be fine.

As such, we would strongly recommend the “Fit Yummy Mummy” program to you if:

  • You are determined to lose ALL your “pregnancy pounds” and get your lean, mean and sexy body back once again, and;
  • You are willing to do whatever it takes to fit the dietary changes, as well as exercise routines, into your life for the next 16 weeks…

Fit Yummy Mummy Book

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