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Prince Or Princess Review – Can The Methods Found Within This Guide Really Help You (And Your Partner) Get The Dream Baby Boy/Girl You’ve Always Wanted? Find Out The Truth Here Before You Buy…

Is it really possible for you (and your partner) to decide your baby’s gender before conception? According to Alicia Pennington, you certainly can (or at least that’s what she says)…

In her “Prince Or Princess” guide, you will discover from Alicia a risk-free, natural, as well as proven technique on what you need to do to dramatically improve your chances of having your “dream baby”.

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Also, according to Alicia, more than 94% of the couples who have tried the method (that she has penned down in “Prince Or Princess“) managed to give birth to the boy or girl they wanted.

Now the question – Are all these claims really true or are they just pure hype (and false hopes)? We’re going to take a detailed look into this guide and review it in this page…

Brief Overview Of What You’ll Discover In Alicia Pennington’s “Prince Or Princess” Guide

As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, you will find within the “Prince Or Princess” guide, methods that will allow you to ultimately conceive the baby (of the gender) you want – Whether is it a boy, or a girl.

When it comes to determining the gender of your baby, it is not about “luck” – In fact, many factors come into play when determining the gender of your baby, such as the condition of a woman’s body, the ovulation, pH levels, dietary habits, etc. And you are going to discover everything you need to know to conceive the baby (of the gender you want) in the “Prince Or Princess” guide.

Just in case you are wondering, what you will discover in this guide does not involve spending massive amounts of money undergoing any uncomfortable medical procedures, or ingesting any pills (that will bring about harm to your body). Everything you will discover within is 100% all-natural, hence it is definitely safe to follow.

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How Does The “Prince Or Princess” Guide Work To Help You Get The Baby You Want?

To sum it up, the whole method in the “Prince Or Princess” guide consists of a total of 3 steps, and they are:

Step #1 – You will discover how your pH levels play a huge part into determining the gender of your baby (if it is alkaline, then very likely you’ll conceive a baby boy; and if its acidic, then it’s very likely you’ll conceive a baby girl). On top of that, the timing of your intercourse with your partner plays an important role as well.

Step #2 – You’ll discover a range of dietary plans that will help you get the baby (of the gender) you want. Certain foods will make your body’s pH more alkaline/acidic (depending on what foods you eat) and it will ultimately help to get the gender of the baby you want.

Step #3 – Finally, you will discover in the “Prince Or Princess” guide, the different sexual positions you’ll want to engage in (with your partner) to get you the gender you want.

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Pros And Cons Of The “Prince Or Princess” Guide

Having given you a detailed look (and good understanding) of what’s involved in the “Prince Or Princess” guide, next we would like to discuss about the pros and cons of this guide.

Starting off with the pros – One thing to highlight here is that the methods that Alicia has put forth in her guide are 100% all-natural (as you can see in the previous sections, it consists of making some dietary changes, as well as how you and your partner engage in sexual intercourse) and hence making the methods safe for use.

Another aspect about the “Prince Or Princess” guide which our team find to be very desirable is the fact that Alicia has organized all the information in such a easy to read and understand manner, making it extremely easy for anyone to follow through.

However, having said that, no plans are 100% fool proof… As Alicia has mentioned, this will only help to dramatically improve your chances of conceiving the baby (of the gender) you (and your partner) want, but it does not guarantee it.

That being said, its much better than having zero plans at all.

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Customers’ Feedback About The “Prince Or Princess” Guide

Some of you who are reading this review may also want to find out what others are saying about this “Prince Or Princess” guide.

And in this section, you’ll find some customers’ feedback about the methods that Alicia has documented in her guide…

Here’s a review from Sarah Livingston from Nashville, Tennessee, and here’s what she has said:

Prince Or Princess - Review By Sarah Livingston From Nashville, Tennessee“Hi Alicia,

I would like to take my hat off to you for producing such a terrific book. My husband and I planned to have a daughter and so we just wanted to find a way to increase our chance of having one. I searched on through the net and found a lot of information. Frankly, we were not sure which site is genuine but your Prince or Princess Guide looked impressive so I bought it and I also bought one other guide from another site for comparison.

My husband and I spent some time reading the two guides but deciding to follow your method wasn’t difficult. As what you have promised in your webpage, your book is really easy to follow, and the method is well-explained.

And the most wonderful thing is that your method works. Here I am now, excited and looking forward to deliver a little princess 2 months from now!”

The following is another review by another fellow customer, by the name of Angel Adams, from Long Island, New York:

Prince Or Princess - Review By Angel Adams From Long Island, New York“Dear Alicia,

My name is Angel and this is a sincere thank you note from the bottom of my heart. I am the happiest mum in the world right now after the birth of my daughter Jolene and here’s a picture of her! Isn’t she the most beautiful baby girl?

When my husband and I were planning for a baby girl, my doctor told us that it would cost us about $20,000 dollars to conceive the gender of the baby via IVF. And it was not guaranteed!

We almost gave up hope as we could not afford that kind of money. I turned the web to find alternative methods and I came across many sites providing different information on how to determine the sex of your child. It was a lot of work especially when one website was contradicting another. But your website was different as you had provided us the assurance that I needed. Moreover, your e-book didn’t disappoint us as it turned out exactly how you described it to be; easy to understand and logically explained.

We followed your guide and now we have little Jolene. Your guide is the next best thing that has happened to us!”

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Our Final Verdict

While there’s no denying of the fact that the method that Alicia has in her “Prince Or Princess” guide is not 100% (in getting you the gender of the baby you and your partner want), but the success rate is very close to it – A study was done to “test” the effectiveness out and out of 117 couples who participated in the study, 112 of them were able to get the gender they wanted (which is more than 95%).

Also, the methods that you’ll discover in this entire guide is 100% safe to follow (as they are all-natural), so you and your partner really have nothing to lose here.

And this is the reason why we have given Alicia Pennington’s “Prince Or Princess” guide our highest recommendation…

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Digital Product Review | Try Out “Prince Or Princess” Risk-Free For Just $1 Today!

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